Karaoke and DJ menu at Sapporo restaurant

Karaoke Menu

Served during Karaoke and DJ session at Sapporo

Catering Menu

We have changed the process of catering. We can cater all items on our dinner menu! Catering will be done in units of “trays“, where one tray is equivalent to six (6) orders of food item.

The price of a “tray” is equivalent to six times (6x) the price of the individual food item, with a 15% off discount.

For example: One tray of beef bulgogi is 6 times the price of one beef bulgogi (say, $20), so 6 * $20 is $120. A 15% discount is applied, so $120 with 15% discount is $102. The final price of one tray of beef bulgogi is $102.

Prices subject to change without notice. See online ordering portal for most updated prices. Online menus may differ from paper menus in-house.